The Day After: It Doesn't End with the Election!

Whoever wins the upcoming mayoral election, the citizens of Providence need to stay involved. Without our ongoing support (and watchful eyes), all of these candidates will fail to deliver the mayoral service Providence needs.  Please get out and vote on September 14.  No matter what happens, remember that our future cannot be just about the politicians or their elections. 

Many people have asked me what the Uncaucus will do after the election. September 14 is just the beginning. The Uncaucus will stay mobilized and work with our next mayor to organize bi-partisan, cross-neighborhood problem solving brigades that can support all of the good work happening in our community.  We will keep our telephone hotline active and organize regular forums to bring visibility to community needs that must be addressed.  We’ll keep the pressure on to encourage everyday citizens to get involved in city governance. Please drop us a line if you want to be involved!